Model 350c Series
3-Channel Frequency Response Analyzer

Model 350c Series
3-Channel Frequency Response Analyzer

The Venable Model 350c is the 3 channel successor to the original workhorse Model 350a/b that launched in 1986 and established Venable Instruments as a market leader. The contemporary 350c Series incorporates a 3rd channel, allowing the user to measure more transfer functions simultaneously with one sweep, such as source and load impedance. The 350c is the only frequency response analyzer in the industry that can measure absolute phase, using a reference channel.



All Venable instruments have built-in floating oscillator and channel isolation to 600VpK, eliminating the need for additional injection transformers or voltage reduction probes that are required with other frequency response analyzers. Connecting ancillary components increases the probability for more points of failure during the testing process, or worse, faulty results. Reliable and efficient by design, Venable Frequency Response Analyzers provide a direct connection to your DUT (Device Under Test), eliminating the need for additional external boxes and cables required with other instruments.



Venable is the only manufacturer with its enclosure and internal architecture purposely designed for fast and cost-effective upgrades. While a 2 channel FRA may meet your needs today, increased testing requirements or new engineering projects may necessitate higher frequency range, more channels, which could mean a costly new instrument purchase. Not with Venable! Venable instruments are fully scalable, with a modular design that easily upgrades from 1,3,to 4 channels, increased upper frequency from 5.20 to 40MHz, or add a digital option to characterize the feedback loop of a digitally controlled power supply. Additionally, the modular design decreases repair costs, eliminating the need to replace an entire mother board for repair as is frequently the case with many FRAs.



The 7400 Series includes Venable’s Stability Analysis Software, the next generation software from the creator of the K-Factor Technique. This full-featured software allows users to easily transfer data between plots, export data to and from other applications such as Excel® and MATHLAB, change sweep parameters during sweep, includes a simple SPICE-like program for modeling the AC frequency response of circuits, and is the only FRA software that has transfer math function.



The Z540.1 Level II Calibration Certification is a requirement of most companies adhering to ISO 9001 Standards within their production facility.  Venable is one of the only frequency response analyzer manufacturers that offers calibration to the higher standard, including data, in an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited Laboratory.




All Venable instruments with the current version of Stability Analysis TM Software supports Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 and Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Frequency Response Analyzers:
Test and Measurement Applications

Feedback LoopsBode Plots or Transfer Function
Loop Gain and Phase Shift vs. Frequency
View Numeric Display of Phase and Gain Margins
Any Part of a LoopTransfer Function
Any AmplifierDC Gain
Open Loop Bandwidth
Phase Margin
Output Impedance
OptocouplersCurrent Transfer Ratios
AC Effects
Any Feedback SystemInput of Output Impedance
Any ComponentPrimary Characteristic (Capacitance, Resistance)
Parasitic Values (Internal Inductance or Resistance)
Impedance vs. Frequency
CrystalsResonant Characteristics
Inductors and TransformersDC Resistance
Open Circuit Inductance
Self-Resonant Frequency
Winding Capacitance
TransformersLeakage Inductance
DC Winding Resistance
DiodesOperating Point Impedance
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