Model 5140 Portable FRA for Field Application Engineers
2-Channel Frequency Response Analyzer

New! Model 5140 Portable FRA for Field Applications

Portability and affordability meet with the new Venable Model 5140 2-Channel Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA). The Model 5140 is the field engineer’s choice for a robust yet lightweight and durable unit to take to remote sites for stability testing and measurement. The smaller format FRA, at approximately 10″ x 10″ x 3″ and only 4 lbs, equips road warriors with the testing and measurement capabilities required for field applications.


The Model 5140 FRA combines the latest mixed signal technology with advanced DSP to provide much of the same versatile test and measurement functionality as Venable’s lab instruments. This compact hardware/software system operates through industry standard USB 2.0, and ships with its own version of Venable’s K-Factor based Stability Analysis™ software. The Model 5140 provides an expanded bandwidth of 1Hz to 40MHz, with a built-in floating oscillator and isolation on one channel to 600Vpk.


The Model 5140 calibrates to the NIST Standard. Expanded testing functionality can be added with Venable’s popular RLC Measurement Package, and Bode Boxes.



The Model 5140 version of Stability Analysis ™ Software supports Microsoft Windows Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Description: Venable 5140, 2 channel, 40MHz
Frequency Range: 1Hz to 40MHz (sine wave)
AC Amplitude 1mV to 10V
DC Bias ±10V, 10mV Steps
Modes: Single Frequency logarithmic and linear sweep steps
Log Sweep0.1 – 2000 Steps per decade 1Hz – 40MHz step
Output Amplitude Compression: Dynamically adjust output to maintain a constant input level through Venable software servo
Output Impedance: 50 ohms
Output configuration: Single-ended grounded
Measurement frequency range: 1Hz to 40MHz
Input Configuration:Ch. 1 single-ended floating (600V)
Input impedance selectable:1 Meg ohm
Measurement Accuracy: ± 0.03dB + .1dB/MHz;
± 0.4deg + 1deg/MHz
Measurement Technique
Delay Time: 0-100 sec
Integration Time: 20msec to 100ksec
Integration Cycles: 1-9999 cycles
Narrowband DFT
Input coupling: DC, automatic DC offset cancellation
Input Range: 10mV to 10Vpk Full Scale in 7 ranges, Auto-ranging
Dynamic Range: 120 dB
Max. Input±100Vpk
Max Input Withstand Voltage ±600Vpk
Over-range alarms LED indicator
PC Interface:USB 2.0 enabled
Auxiliary Output: 12Vdc/400mA 4.8W for accessories
Application software: Model 5140 Venable Stability Analysis™ v6.0 for
Win 7,8,10
Real time display updateEach point is plotted as acquired
Data Analysis:Gain margin, phase margin,
impedance; Components: R, L, C, Z
Power Requirements:90 to 264Vac, 48 to 62Hz, 30VA
Weight/Dimensions4 Lbs. - 9.8”x9.8”x3.2”
For more information contact 800.262.2522 or 512.949.3100