8800 Series
8800 Series Supported Processors

Model 8805, 8820 and 8840
Processors Currently Supported
Jan. 23, 2017

Texas Instruments

Piccolo Family:

28035, 28034, 28033, 28032
28069, 28065, 28064, 28063, 28062

Supports both CLA and non-CLA modes as equipped.

TMS320F280x Series:

TMS320F2804x Series:

2808, 2806 and 2809


Microchip Technology

dsPIC33FJ Family: (40 MHz or faster)
06GS202, 06GS202A, 09GS302
12GP201, 12MC201, 12GP202, 12MC202
16GS402, 16GP304, 16MC304, 16GS404, 16GS502, 16GS504
32GP202, 32MC202, 32GP204, 32GP302, 32MC204, 32MC302, 32GP304, 32GS406
32MC304, 32GS606, 32GS608, 32GS610, 32GP202, 32MC202, 32GP204, 32MC204
64GP202, 64GP204, 64MC202, 64GS406, 64GP206A, 64MC204, 64GP802
64MC802, 64GP306A, 64GP804, 64GS606, 64MC506A, 64MC804, 64GP310A
64GP706A, 64MC508A, 64MC706A, 64MC510A, 64GS608, 64GP708A
64GP710A, 64GS610, 64MC710A
128GP202. 128MC202, 128GP204, 128GP206A, 128MC204, 128GP802, 128GP306A
128MC802, 128GP804, 128MC506A, 128MC804, 128GP310A, 128GP706A
128MC706A, 128MC510A, 128GP708A, 128GP710A, 128MC708A, 128MC710A
256GP506A, 256GP510A, 256MC510A, 256GP710A

Infineon Technologies

XMC1301 (16 KB Flash Min.)
XMC1302 (16 KB Flash Min.)
(16-pin packages might not provide required I/O connectivity)
XMC1401, XMC1402, XMC1403, XMC1404
XMC4100, XMC4200, XMC4300, XMC4400, XMC4500, XMC4700, XMC4800

ST Microelectronics

STM32F334 (Type 2 & Type 3 compensation algorithms provided)

*Venable currently supports VMC (Voltage Mode Control) only.

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