Frequency Response Analyzers (FRA) Overview

The Venable Family of High Performance Frequency Response Analyzers

Since 1979, Venable Instruments has been focused on one goal: bringing the most versatile, full-featured frequency response analyzers to customers in industries where precise testing and measurement tools for power supply design is critical. Over 37 years of continual research and development has created the widest range of scalable frequency response analyzers to meet your company’s current requirements, while providing a cost-effective growth path for increased testing functionality.  Venable is a proven leader in aerospace, automotive, energy, defense, computer technology, academia, government research applications and virtually any industry requiring the highest standards in power supply and stability testing for repeatable and accurate results.

All Venable Frequency Response Analyzers 
combine the latest analog and digital technology with advanced DSP to provide versatile test, measurement and analysis of power supply stability for mission-critical environments.  Each single, comprehensive hardware and software system performs many  sophisticated test functions, with models supporting 10μHz to 5, 20 or 40MHz, with oscillator and channels isolated to 600VpK, the highest in the test and measurement industry.

The Venable Frequency Response Analyzer range includes:

The 350c Series 3-channel system, which incorporates a third channel, allowing the user to measure more transfer functions simultaneously with one sweep, such as source and load impedance. The Model 350c is the only FRA in the industry that can measure absolute phase, utilizing a reference channel.

The 6300 Series 2-channel system, combining more integrated testing and measurement capabilities  that any other instrument in its class.

The 7400 Series 4-channel system, the top of the line in performance, was originally designed to measure 3-phase AC impedance and source and load simultaneously. A robust solution for organizations requiring high availability for high volume and/or simultaneous testing.

The 8800 Series Digital Frequency Response Analyzer (DFRA), the only true digital analyzer that can measure the plant of a digitally controlled feedback loop directly and accurately.

Stability Analysis Software – all of our lab instruments are a hardware/software system which includes Stability Analysis Software, based upon our renowned K-Factor Technique originally developed by Venable. This full-featured software allows users to easily transfer data between plots, export data to and from other applications such as Excel® and MATHLAB, change sweep parameters during sweep, includes a simple SPICE-like program for modeling the AC frequency response of circuits, and is the only FRA software that has transfer math function.


Portability, affordability and functionality meet with the new Model 5140 Frequency Response Analyzer. The Model 5140 is the field engineer’s choice for a robust yet lightweight and durable unit to take to remote sites for stability testing and measurement.




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