RLC Measurement Kit


RLC Measurement is one of the many uses of a Venable Frequency Response Analysis System.  This function can be greatly enhanced by adding the RLC Measurement Kit to provide an accurate, easy-to-use instrument for measuring values of resistors, inductors, capacitors, and parasitic elements.  For example, the user can simultaneously measure the capacitance, ESR, and ESL of a capacitor.


RLC Box Schematic

The oscillator output jack connects to the oscillator output connector of the Venable Frequency Response Analyzer.  CH1 and CH2 jacks mate directly with the analyzer input connectors.  These inputs, used to calculate impedance, represent current and voltage in the circuit under test.  Calibration data is measured, stored, and used to minimize errors associated with instrument and test circuit parasitics.


The user selects a component type, or an equivalent circuit, and a starting frequency. For single-component measurements, the starting frequency is the test frequency. For equivalent circuits of two or three components, the starting frequency is automatically varied to locate corner and resonant frequencies used to calculate component values.


Measured values of components of the circuit under test are displayed on the screen. If the user defines minimum and/or maximum values for any component and measured values are not within specified limits, the system “beeps” and highlights the out-of-spec values.



Measurement Frequency
1 Hz to maximum analyzer frequency, user-selectable for single component, selected automatically for multiple-component circuit.

1Hz to 1 kHz            0.1%

1 kHz to 100 kHz     0.2%

100 kHz to 1 Mhz    0.5%


Optimum Measurement Range

Resistance                10 millohms to 1 megohm

Inductance                1 microhenry to 10,000 henries

Capacitance              100 picofarads to 1 farad


Extended Measurement Range*

Resistance                100 micro-ohms too 100 megohms

Inductance                10 nanohenrys to 1 megahenry

Capacitance              1 picofarads to 100 farads

*Extended range loses least-significant digit of accuracy for each decade of measured value outside the optimum measurement or frequency range.

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