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Free Telephone and Email Support · Engineering Consultation · Repair · Z540.1 Calibrations


Free Telephone and Email Support

Venable is one of the only instrument manufacturers that offers free telephone support (during normal US business hours) and by email with our experienced team of engineers. If you are experiencing an issue with your instrument, that issue is immediately escalated to engineering for troubleshooting – no waiting while going through multiple levels of support service. Venable customers receive expert service immediately, with engineers who have many year’s experience working hands-on with Venable FRAs.


Onsite Engineering Consultation

When our customers request onsite engineering consultation, we are happy to oblige.  Our customers see us as an extension of their own engineering teams, which sometimes means filling in internal resource gaps by utilizing Venable expertise to help companies build better, stronger, safer, more reliable products and bring them to market quickly and efficiently.  There is a standard hourly engineering rate during normal business hours, with travel and per diem provided by the customer, unless otherwise agreed.  If you would like someone to contact you to discuss your particular application and potential engineering resource requirements, click here.


Repairs and RMAs

If we can’t resolve it by telephone or email, a Return to Manufacturer Authorization (RMA) will be promptly provided.

All repairs are processed through our Austin, Texas, USA offices. To request a repair or assistance, click here.


Instrument Calibrations

Calibration is essential for confidence in your instrument’s accuracy.  Only through proper test instrument calibration, to ISO-Certified industry standards, can you be assured that the reading you obtain from your instrument is accurate.  One major benefit to a Venable FRA is that once an instrument is calibrated, unless something should happen to the instrument, or your company has annual calibration requirements (such as in aerospace), the instrument is calibrated indefinitely. Many other FRAs on the market require calibration every time the instrument is powered up – which is inefficient, time-consuming, and susceptible to human error.  Additionally, Venable Instruments is one of the only FRA companies that offers ANSI Certified Z540.1 Calibration, and will soon be providing calibrations to the 17025 Standard.
All calibrations are processed through our Austin, Texas, USA offices. To request a calibration, click here.

For more information contact 800.262.2522 or 512.949.3100