Test and Measure

Feedback LoopsBode Plots or Transfer Function
Loop Gain and Phase Shift vs. Frequency
View Numeric Display of Phase and Gain Margins
Any Part of a LoopTransfer Function
Any AmplifierDC Gain
Open Loop Bandwidth
Phase Margin
Output Impedance
OptocouplersCurrent Transfer Ratios
AC Effects
Any Feedback SystemInput of Output Impedance
Any ComponentPrimary Characteristic (Capacitance, Resistance)
Parasitic Values (Internal Inductance or Resistance)
Impedance vs. Frequency
CrystalsResonant Characteristics
Inductors and TransformersDC Resistance
Open Circuit Inductance
Self-Resonant Frequency
Winding Capacitance
TransformersLeakage Inductance
DC Winding Resistance
DiodesOperating Point Impedance
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