Venable Product Scalability Chart

Instrument Investment Protection with
Complete Scalability from Venable

*All Venable FRAs offer multiple frequency options, ranging from 10μHz to 5, 20 and 40MHz models, with input channels protected to 600Vpk.


Easily add more power, more channel connections,
with dozens of upgrade options.

Frequently used Applications for Venable FRAs

  • Measure the DC gain and open loop bandwidth, including numeric display of phase and gain margins, of any amplifier or power supply.
  • Automatically compensate feedback loops for the exact loop bandwidth and phase margin you want on the first try.
  • Perform any kind of math requirement on transfer functions, such as add, subtract, multiply and divide, or the same functions with one transfer function and a number or time delay. Functions can also subtract time delays from the test data.
  • Model the frequency response of any circuit. Overlaymodel and test results to quickly and easily determine the accuracy of a model.
  • Measure input/output impedance and conducted susceptibility (ability to reject input noise at a power IOZ supply output) on any system.
  • Measure the transfer function of any piece of loop.
  • Mathematically combine model results and measurements. For example, measure a part that is typically more difficult to model, such as the power circuitry, then model a part that is easier, like the error amplifier. Then, manipulate the model until you achieve the overall results that you require.
  • Measure impedance versus frequency of components, including converting the data into actual circuit values. For example, read the capacitance, internal resistance, and internal inductance of any capacitor directly in component values.
  • Measure the transfer function of any passive or active filter, the resonant characteristics of crystals, and exotic loops such as phased-lock loops.
  • Measure the DC resistance, open circuit inductance, leakage inductance, self-resonant frequency, and winding capacitance of any transformer or inductor.
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