Venable Stability Analysis Software

The Next Generation Software from the Creators of the K-Factor Technique

In 1983, Venable launched the renowned K-Factor Technique, still in use by many instrument manufacturers today. Venable has elevated the original software with its innovative Stability Analysis™ program. Go straight from measurement to design using Stability Analysias its dynamic functionality eliminates lengthy manual value calculations and guesswork. Compensation amplifier synthesis capability, or coefficients for digital power supplies, enables user to achieve exact feedback loop bandwidth and phase margin desired on the first try. Other enhanced benefits include:

• Venable’s Stability Analysis is the only software that can change sweep parameters during a sweep

• Venable’s Stability Analysis is the only software that can easily transfer data between different types of plots

• Venable’s Stability Analysis is the only software capable of reading component values directly off the plot with reactance plotting

• Venable’s Stability Analysis is the only software that can measure a digital power stage with our 8800 Digital Frequency Response Analyzer

• Venable pioneered the ability to export data top and from other applications, such as Excel® and MATLAB®

• Overlay multiple tests on one plot to dynamically compare data

• A simple SPICE-like program for modeling the AC frequency response of circuits

• Graph types are voltage vs. frequency (log-log), gain phase vs. frequency (semilog), and reactance vs. frequency (log-log with lines for constant capacitance and inductance)

• Venable Reader™ software enables users to share Venable plots and graphs (.ven files) with customers and colleagues, including limited editing capabilities.

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